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23/03/20Hitz 92 FM radio + podcastJamaicaLuciano - True to the music
05/03/20REGGAE VIBES MAGAZINEWeb / PressFranceinterview
Downolad : Reggae Vibes & Stargate Backing Band
26/02/20 Reggae Connection RadioWeb RadioBelgiumLuciano - True to the music [ in rotation }
25/02/20 Nouvelle-VagueWeb Franceinterview
22/01/2020Yearbook ReggaevillemagazineLuciano - True to the music [Page 100]
09/01/2020Hitz 92 FM - Soul Shakedown Partyradio + podcastJamaicaJah Mason – Human Trafficking
02/01/2020WPRB - Sounds of the Caribbeanradio + podcastUSALuciano - True to the music
[ Part two of a two part review of the biggest songs featured on Sounds of the Caribbean in the year 2019 ]
22/12/2019Sztrada Radio - Reggae Leeradio + podcastHungaryFitta Warri - Mr. and Mrs. Murderer
12/12/2019Hitz 92 FM - Soul Shakedown Partyradio + podcastJamaicaLuciano - True to the music
03/12/2019Radio Città Fujiko - Soul Shakedown Partyradio + podcastItalyLuciano - True to the music
02/12/2019Byte FM - Forward The Bassradio + podcastGermanyDenham Smith / It Rough
01/12/2019Phever FM - The People's Choiceradio + podcastIrelandLuciano - True to the music
28/11/2019Radio Roza - Worries in the danceradio + podcastCroaziaExco Levi – Red Fire
28/11/2019Radio RPO 97fm - Fishamanradio FMFranceinterview
26/11/2019Radio Activ - Studio Rootsradio + podcastFranceinterview
23/11/2019Radio Sonar - R&D Vibesradio + podcastItalyLuciano - True to the music
19/11/2019Radio 666 99.1 FM - Lion Free Caencyradio + podcastFranceFaïanatur – Be Yourself
19/11/2019Volcanik Webradioradio + podcastFranceLuciano - True to the music
17/11/2019Mouv' - La Selection Reggae by Selecta Kzaradio onlineFranceL’album de la semaine + True To The Music
15/11/2019Radio Proposta inBluradio FMItalyLuciano - True to the music [ Tune in rotation for the next weeks ]
05/11/2019C2L - Pull it upradio + podcastFranceLuciano – True to the Music
Jah Mason – Human Trafficking
Lan Netty – Seek Jah Love
King Lorenzo – Working
Jerry Julian – Make You Fell Alright
Marcus Davidson – Rumours
Faïanatur – Be Yourself
Exco Levi – Red Fire
Jahlani Muziq – Imagine
Sun Sooley – No Pain No Gain
Deliman – Message to the People
Makkan J – Justice
Darrio – Time Will Tell
Fitta Warri – Mr. and MRS. Murderer
Jah Torius – Let’s Save the Children
Denham Smith – It Rough
Kenny Smyth – What a Fire
Exco Levi – Red Fire" [Pull It Up est diffusée aussi sur Radio CJPN 90,5 FM
[Fredericton-Canada) et sur les webradio ZeRadio, Aylanman Radio Lounge, Publo et sur Raptz]
04/11/2019Active Webradio - cepiacelureggaeanoi radio + podcastFranceLuciano - True to the music
03/11/2019#2BOBRadio - Roots’n’Reggae Showradio FMAustraliaB.U Riddim
30/10/2019WPRB - Sounds of the Caribbeanradio + podcastUSALuciano - True to the music
28/10/2019Radio Campus Besançon - Emission Riddimradio + podcastFranceLuciano - True to the music
27/10/2019Radio Queen LoviisawebFinlandnews
26/10/2019Antenne Münster - Cool and deadly radio + podcastGermany"Luciano - True To The Music
Jah Mason - Human Trafficking
Exco Levi - Red Fire
Fitta Warri - Mr_Mrs Murderer"
21/10/2019Reggae.itwebItalyArticle about Luciano
20/10/2019Sztrada Radio - Reggae Leeradio + podcastHungaryB.U Riddim
17/10/2019Volcanik WebradiowebFrancePress release
16/10/2019Radio Kaos - Jam Attackradio FMItalyJah Mason - Human Trafficking [This show is also streamed on Radio Rototom (Spain) and Radio Queen Loviisa (Finland)]
13/10/2019Radio Centraal - Back II Bassradio + podcastBelgiumKing Lorenzo - Working
14/10/2019Reggae VibeswebHollandreview
09/10/2019One Drop ReggaepodcastItaly"King Lorenzo - Working
Luciano - True to the music"
09/10/2019WPRB - Sounds of the Caribbeanradio + podcastUSALuciano - True to the music
06/10/2019WorldareggaewebHollandPress release
05/10/2019Radio Kaos - Jam Attackradio FMItaly / Spain / FinlandLuciano - True to the music
04/10/2019Reggae JupFacebook pageHollandnews
0/10/2019Chaaawaaa radioweb radioU.K"Colonel C's International No.1: Luciano ""True To The Music""
Ragga Lee's International No.1 Luciano ""True To the Music"" "
30/09/2019CJSR - Bass Cultureradio + podcastCanadaLuciano - True to the music
29/09/2019R102 - The Gechi's Night Showradio + podcastItalyPress release
28/09/2019Radio Centraal - Back 2 Bassradio + podcastBelgium"Luciano - True to the music
Deliman - Message To The People "
28/09/2019Marmite FM - Kawulé Vibes Radio Showradio + podcastFrance"Kenny Smith - What A Fire
Darrio - Time Will Tell
Exco Levi - Red Fire
Jah Mason - Human Trafficking
Luciano - True to the Music"
[ Also streamed by Webadub Radio ]
27/09/2019WPRB - Sounds of the Caribbeanradio + podcastUSALuciano - True to the music
26/09/2019Radio Petrer - Reggae Sound FMweb radioSpain"King Lorenzo - Working
Darrio - Time Will Tell
Kenny Smith - What A Fire
Denham Smith aka Chilli - It Rough
Exco Levi - Red Fire
Luciano - True to the music
Jah Mason - Human Trafficking"
[ Aired also on Radio Rototom and Efectofm ]
26/09/2019Jah MusicwebCzech Rep.Video
25/09/2019Hot 78 Radio - Combustión lentaradio + podcastCosta Rica / Argentina / México"Exco Levi - Red Fire
King Lorenzo - Working"
25/09/2019Nice UpwebAlbum link to Amazon on the "recent releases" page
23/09/2019Bruzz Radio - Dub Frontradio + podcastBelgiumLuciano - True to the music
22/09/2019Radio Student - Riddim Operatorradio + podcastSloveniaJah Mason - Human Trafficking
21/09/2019Sztrada Radio - Reggae Leeradio + podcastHungaryFitta Warri - Mr & Mrs Murderer
21/09/2019WPRB - Sounds of the Caribbeanradio + podcastUSA"Kenny Smith - What A Fire
Exco Levi - Red Fire"
21/09/2019Station Amager - Reggae Moodsradio + podcastDenmark"Exco Levi - Red Fire
Denham Smith aka Chilli - It Rough
Deliman - Message To The People 
Darrio - Time Will Tell"
20/09/2019Radio Campus Dijon - Zion Gateradio + podcastFrance"Luciano - True to the music
Darrio - Time Will Tell
Makkan J - Justice
Fitta Warri - Mr and Mrs Murderer
Sun Sooley - No Pain No Gain
Marcus Davidson - Rumours
Jerry Julian - Make you feel alright"
20/09/2019Eldoradio - Rastafahndungradio + podcastGermany"Darrio - Time Will Tell
Luciano - True to the music
Jah Mason - Human Trafficking
Exco Levi - Red Fire
Fitta Warri - Mr and Mrs Murderer"
20/09/2019Hot MCwebItalyPress release
19/09/2019Reggae FreshwebMalawiPress release
17/09/2019Radio Nova - Oslo Reggae Showradio + podcastNorway"Luciano - True to the music
Jah Mason - Human Trafficking
Kenny Smith - What A Fire"
17/09/2019Sunny G Radio - Sunny G Reggae Showradio FMU.KLuciano - True to the music
17/09/2019Radio Magenta - Reggae Cornerradio FMItaly"Luciano Messenjah - TRUE TO THE MUSIC
Jahlani Muziq - IMAGIN" [ no podcast; the show is aired also on Friday and Saturday ]
17/09/2019Reggae.itwebItalyPress release
15/09/2019Reggae Discographyradio + podcastItalyPress release
16/09/2019Radio Student - Riddim OperatorwebSloveniaLuciano - True to the music
16/09/2019PelagatoswebArgentinaPress release
16/09/2019MescalinawebItalyPress release
16/09/2019Reggae RevolutionwebItalyPress release
15/09/2019Sztrada Radio - Reggae Leeradio + podcastHungaryLuciano - True to the music
14/09/2019Jah SoundwebFranceTracklist
14/09/2019Rasta RespectwebSpainTracklist
14/09/2019Reggae.frwebFranceNews + video
14/09/2019Station Amager - Reggae Moodsradio + podcastDenmarkLuciano - True to the music
14/09/2019Reggae.frwebradioFranceTitres en rotation
13/09/2019Passione ReggaeblogItalyPress release
13/09/2019La GrossewebFranceNews
13/09/2019Regime RadiowebTracklist
13/09/2019Riddims WorldwebTracklist
13/09/2019Reggae FreshwebTracklist
13/09/2019Maria Jackson MagazinewebzineJamaicaNews + video
13/09/2019Mix Reggae MusicwebVideo
13/09/2019Jah Love VibeswebUgandaTracklist
13/09/2019Run itwebPress release
13/09/2019Raje - Studio One l'emissionradio FMFrance